one day remaining

I pulled into the driveway at 10pm last night, tired, emotional, and drained.  How working moms do it, I don't know. I had been painting again for 7 hours straight at the local high school.  One day (hopefully) left to complete the set.  I love the high school students, the creativity to painting scenery again, and the thrill of doing something out of the ordinary.

But last night, all I wanted was to be home amidst the chaos of afternoon play, dinnertime, and four little ones' bedtimes.  I missed knowing every detail of what my children were exploring in the backyard, Ainsleigh's attempts at crawling, and the eventual stillness the house feels for the first time when everyone is asleep.

Today Caroline and Johanna are excited to see what Mommy's been doing all of this time away from home.  I'll be happy to drive away from the school knowing I enjoyed my contribution, even more, knowing my kids are in the backseat, all going home together.