on the top shelf: tidy up!


A few years ago I discovered the book [amazon_link id="1575051605" target="_blank" ]Tidy Up! [/amazon_link] in one of the Montessori catalogs I get in the mail.  It was added to our book collection when I bought some children-sized yard tools (I think they were these).


First off, let me just say that child-sized tools are so encouraging for a child to help and contribute in the home.  Like our little child broom here, the girls always know where they can find it, whether I ask them to fetch it for a spill inside or after the twins dump mulch on the sidewalk outside.  (There is a cute little mop hiding in the back, too.  Perfect for them to clean up or be shown how to clean up a spill.)

Another great tool for my children was putting our cleaning station together.  They still get a thrill out of grabbing the cleaner and the cloth out of the closet to go off and clean.  And the dinner helper station is used every day of the week, now adding Ainsleigh and Annabelle to the chart for setting the table.

Speaking of little hands helping around the house, let me tell you about the book [amazon_link id="1575051605" target="_blank" ]Tidy Up![/amazon_link]


Each page shows a child from around the world helping out in their own special way.

IMG_6531 IMG_6532

The book covers children from the Philippines, England, Russia, Tanzania, Australia, America, Mexico, India, Romania, Guatemala, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and Thailand.  It is a simple, paperback book that is easy to read with photos of real children working, helping gathering water for their family, and so on.  I love to sit and stare at the photos and imagine the lives of all of these children who are very much involved in the responsibility and work of their particular family and home.

This book has definitely helped my girls appreciate their work load and responsibilities in our home.  It is a positive approach to working together and bonds the child (reader) with other children from around the world.

It is a wonderful book.  I'd love to hear what you think about it!


{On a side note, here is the most recent "play thing" made since my less is more: toys post.  I thought you would enjoy -- Caroline made a pond just for her plastic frog she received in a party favor bag.  Leaves for lily pads, blue paper for water, and it is the stage for much play.}

Do you have a book recommendation for getting kids involved?

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