on the top shelf: the seven silly eaters


I've been so happy to share this book with you for the On the Top Shelf series.  It is called [amazon_link id="0152024409" target="_blank" ]The Seven Silly Eaters[/amazon_link].

Are you familiar with the illustrations?  They are Marla Frazee's illustrations.  You may be familiar with the beautiful rendition of [amazon_link id="0152047611" target="_blank" ]Hush, Little Baby: A Folk Song with Pictures[/amazon_link] that she illustrated.  Her pictures embody every beauty, mishap, and reality to having children.  I love her work.


The story is about a mama trying to please her picky eaters.  I love watching the progression of each child joining the family (seven!) and bringing their own unique personality (and pickiness) to the bunch.

IMG_5957 IMG_5960

Whenever I read this book, it actually reminds me why I love having so many little ones.  It reminds me of my family growing up and our closeness.  I love the work and togetherness you see between the parents and each child.

  It is a magical, beautiful story of being served and then returning the favor -- to mama!


{Can you see the children's homemade gifts to her here on the blanket?  So true to life!}


This is definitely a special family book you'll love (and so will your kids).  Check it out!

the sleepy time gal