on the top shelf: activity book review


We are in the process of implementing many new, needed, things in our home.  One, for example, is bedroom time.  Right when one o'clock in the afternoon hits and twins are napping, I am wasted.  Really.  I will flop down on any remotely soft surface.  When I'm prepared, I set the older girls up in their shared bedroom for some quiet time with books and quiet activities.  All parties involved need some calm, quiet time.

I've been looking for a special book, possibly an activity book, to be used just during this bedroom time.  I found two perfect books.  One for each girl, Caroline and Johanna.


The first book is The Giant Play and Learn Book by author and illustrator, Pascale Estellon.  It is a hardy-sized book with a wide range of activities with their respective stickers.

Above: You are supposed to create a person and then can create a person with the stickers from the back of the book.


Above: Here is a sample page of the stickers for specific activities: filling a bus of people, decorating a home, etc.


Above: There are some photographs that you are supposed to decorate with your own drawings or stickers.


And another activity, finishing making the veggie girl.

This is the kind of quality book (the pages are nice, thick pages) that I want to last Johanna a while to complete.  Also, a book she will need a little direction with.


Caroline's book is a bit different.  Of course it is, she is two years older than Johanna.

It is Play All Day by Taro Gomi, the awesome illustrator.


So the entire book is made of really sturdy pages of punch-outs.  From finger puppets, cities, ring tosses, animals, a village of people, and so on.


The punch outs can simply be played with or used for games it outlines, like hanging monkeys.  Caroline is old enough to be able to assemble the simple figures and take care of the pieces.  (I'm wanting to come up with a tote of some sort to hold all of the paper cut-outs.  Twin toddlers.  Enough said.)

There they are--two exciting books.  Taro Gami has other great books I'm interested in like Squiggles: A Really Giant Painting and Drawing Book, Scribbles: A Really Giant Drawing and Coloring Book, and Doodles: A Really Giant Coloring and Doodling Book.

Any activity book recommendations?


the sleepy time gal