olive, our little kitten





{I embroidered this little black cat the day I knew we'd be surprising the kids and bringing the kitten home. And grabbed every black cat picture book the library had that day as well.  It all made sense to them that afternoon.}


There comes a time when you realize that your kids are really growing up.  And fast.


I never ever expected to own a cat.  It was always, "when everyone's a bit bigger we'll get a dog".  And as life and persistent children (specifically one--Johanna) would have it, I found myself beginning to contemplate a kitten after watching my older girls cat sit this summer.  I saw how nurturing, loyal, and ready they were for a pet.  And thanks to my hairdresser-by-day and farmer-by-night friend, he found me a two month old farm kitten.


Olive is her name.  She is our first pet ever and doesn't disappoint.

She's small, playful, all black with one wisp of white on her chest, and very loved.  It was the biggest surprise my kids have had, seeing me and Bobby walk in one afternoon carrying a tiny kitten.  DIY toys have been made (so far a plastic bottle rattle, cardboard ball, and fleece bed) and perfect attention to Olive's every single need by the girls.  And Rowan is the hero that found her one afternoon (after a house search and family prayer) nestled in my narrow sewing drawer.  (Where do kittens come up with these hiding places??)


Olive is here at the perfect time for all of us.  She's nurtured all day long by the kids. She meows and scratches the basement door when she hears us adults clinking around in the kitchen early in the morning.  So I routinely open the door and she joins me on the couch briefly, explores the dark + quiet house, always returns to me, and waits for the real entertainment that comes when the kids wake.

I'm feeling quite blessed and lucky.


the sleepy time gal