officially fall



{The girls were eager to get our fall things out so the house would be "ready" for the fall equinox yesterday.}

Yesterday we did our best to celebrate the  fall equinox all day long.  We visited the beautiful grounds of our local Dickinson College for nature-found-object collecting to use for leaf/nature art. (My favorite of the leaf art is on Instagram @nshiffler.) Ainsleigh, my chef for the day, helped make up a mini pumpkin muffin recipe with me for our afternoon snack + milk, and we nestled in together at night after dinner and ballet to watch the BBC's Nature's Great Events (based on how the seasons affect animal life).


{Somehow dried beans return to sensory play for Rowan when this season returns.  Needless to say, most of the lentils ended up on the floor but boy was it the most exciting hour of his life as he poured and poured and poured...}


{It wouldn't be the changing of the seasons without the head crafting coordinator, Caroline, making seasonal decorations for her bedroom door and her siblings'.  Pictured here is her "Welcome" mat for outside hers + Johanna's bedroom door.} IMG_5113

{Thank you Pinterest for giving us visual inspiration for fall-inspired activities for our "table time" this week.  I think these scarecrows turned out absolutely adorable.  Especially the add-on of the extra large bandaid.}


The Sly Fox & the Scarecrow

by Caroline Shiffler

Cautiously prowled a fox nearby who thought of himself most terribly sly, 

And most other foxes would strongly imply to yield the farmer's field.  

But the fox said, "I am a fox quite sly" and while he went all heard him cry, "For I am a fox very sly and I will enter the field tonight" and so he went, very content...

(A little poetry work-in-progress by my Caroline.) ;)

And speaking of all things fall, if you live in the central PA area and would like to participate in our annual Bake Off please send me a personal email in the "contact me" section for rules and our home address.  

We have a variety of participants each year: homeschoolers, public-schooled kids that take the day off, young pre-school aged kids, and so on.

Our 6th Annual Bake Off

Have a great Thursday, friends.

the sleepy time gal