IMG_3746 {O c t o b e r}

The sunlight continues to change throughout the day, the way it moves on my walls and counters.  I've been playing the familiar game with my camera's aperture + shutter speed that I do this time every year...


In the fridge I have these fall Pumpkin Pie Fat Bombs from one of my favorite health/recipe blogs, Healthful Pursuits.  They are made of simple homemade coconut butter (processed coconut oil + shredded coconut) with pumpkin puree, stevia, and spices.  I added a bit of blackstrap molasses to the recipe.

These are a great snack for us when we need something satisfying and quick--like before the girls' ballet with a glass of milk/almond milk. IMG_3758

I just finished yet another extra large legal notepad which is full of notes, daily schedules, and the likes.  Like most other things in our house since the "tidying" this summer, my precious notepad always returns to the miscellaneous drawer when not being used.  As the girls hear me remind often, "Everything has a place."  Maintenance is a million times easier when we all follow this.


The return of more countertop play time for my boy.   With girls gone every evening for ballet he likes staying close to my side while I make dinner.  He talks and sings and taste-tests with me.


And an exciting tutorial coming soon!


I love October.  


the sleepy time gal