nightly unplugged time

IMG_4517 Thank you for your thoughtful words about my health yesterday.  Ironically yesterday was a better day for me.  (Probably because I gave my body a break and didn't eat until dinner.  Too bad I can't do that every day.)  I'll definitely keep you posted as I experiment with my health.

Last night Bobby and I began one of our New Year's resolutions: unplugged time.  Most evenings we will have a window of time set aside where we unplug from everything.  No phones, computers, laptops, or any other gadget.  It is our time to have thoughtful, meaningful moments doing some old-fashioned things together.  Like read a book together, read quietly on our own, write a letter, write in a journal, write down thoughts, hand sew, and so forth, side by side in the evening.

I love it after one night.  I finished the hand sewing on the pillow from my great aunt's mother.  The fabric pieces are over 90 years old.  I stitched while Bobby read, the house was quiet, and while we also discussed our goals for the new year.  No distractions.  No checking things on the computer.  None of it.  All I want to add for tonight is a warm fire and something warm to drink.  I have a running list of books to read together--some I want and some of Bobby's genre.  Now I really need to relearn how to knit...

Any resolutions you're loving?