new things are coming...


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As I've been honest with myself and you in allowing more silence in this space in order to do my most important work in my home this summer, I've also been making completely new plans for myself and this space.

Very soon, this space will no longer exist.  And something different, something more will.


I've had to overcome (and daily continue to overcome) fears of putting myself out there and the raw reflection of my insecurities as I face the risky and unknown in front of me.


But strength and courage always comes when I return to my motivation of sincerely wanting to encourage + inspire you.


The "itch" that Seth Godin perfectly describes in one of my most beloved books, [amazon_link id="1591846072" target="_blank" ]The Icarus Deception[/amazon_link], won't go away and so, I must create my own art.  I must extend myself, be vulnerable, and do what I know I must.


I am so excited/nervous/ready.  Very soon the new adventure begins...


the sleepy time gal