new things






I watch Rowan throughout the day as something new is placed in front of him.  His eyes widen, hands fully extended to touch, and straight into the mouth to really understand what is before him.  Without question, he wants to touch and feel and suck and manipulate to understand.  

I wish I had his trust in new things.

There are some new things in my life right now that are unfamiliar and a bit daunting.  I tend to want to retreat, fall back on what is comfortable and keep the status quo.  And then I see my little son explore the new and unfamiliar with great enthusiasm.  And in return, he is given understanding.  Somehow I need to learn to mimic his trust and hope in the world around him--he does it so absolutely brilliantly.

I love when my children help me see and trust the world more.

the sleepy time gal