Interview with Design Mom(!) and Some New Things

First off, I'm thrilled to have our home featured and an interview with Design Mom this morning!  Check it out here!!!!

I'm also excited to share some updates on The Sleepy Time Gal.  Just head on up to the menu bar.  There are more tutorials I will be adding to the Tutorials page very soon.  I'm excited about finally having a FAQ page.   There is a lot of information there that might answer many of the questions you've asked me from everything to my camera, homeschooling, and essential oils.  The other new pages are Sponsorship, Featured On, and an updated About.
What else is new?  Some new sponsors I'll be sharing with you (and a discount!) this week.  I hope you enjoy the feature-- I'm about to head over and see it for the first time myself!
the sleepy time gal