new spaces /new year: the living room



Ah, the living room.  Once a place of no functional space now brightens my day.  This corner of our room (where our Christmas tree stood) has always baffled me.  Our large painting has always hung here, leaving little options for filling up the space around it: maybe a plant or a chair.  It has always frustrated me because there are so many things that should be in this room.  Like blocks and my girls' art and my books and random projects we like to pick up and work on without storing in some other room, etc.  This is our family space where we begin our morning and Bobby and I end our night.  Shouldn't this room work better for us??!!

Two enormous changes.  One, moving my big blue painting and two, bringing a bookcase downstairs.

IMG_3766 IMG_3768

For the first time ever, I have everything I would ever need on that couch, within my grasp.  It is the grandest feeling in the world.  Sewing books along with Caroline's sewing kit and book (so we'll actually use both, comfortably sitting on the couch!),  our journals (and her jar), all of my books that I've started and haven't finished, encyclopedias we love, art books Johanna requests, a few classics Bobby reads to the girls before bed, and more-- all in one place.


One of my favorite additions for order on the shelving (I love functional shelving!) is a burlap bucket I made--another awesome Etsy pattern. (This is Maya Made's nesting burlap bucket.)  I hope to make a few more for knitting things and another for holding diapers.  They are so cool.


I also used this same burlap bucket for carting things from the car to inside while delivering Christmas goodies.  This is the largest size of the three bucket sizes.


Also, I'm thrilled to bring orange into the room, thanks to Johanna and her painting.  I'm thrilled to have something aesthetic and functional mixed together that actually worksin this space.  I had Caroline run to the tree line in the back and gather branches.  I like our basic little washi tape and baker's twine garland.  It took all but 2 minutes to make one night.  Everything has meaning on that top shelf.  A yellow teapot my dad made when he was in college, a woodblock print I made in college in yellow, Caroline's Mexican lady, stacking Matryoshka's from Russia--thank you Allison.

I love redecorating because it simply means moving things already in my house into new and exciting places.  It's free and brings new meaning and enthusiasm to things collecting dust.

IMG_3740 IMG_3757

Those fabric hoops got a makeover as well.  I finally moved the two mirrors that were there in the mix--they killed the movement of the hoops and color.  (And I added a bit of orange and brown polka dot, too.)


Logs from the in-laws.  I think they are pretty, don't you?

IMG_3776 IMG_3778

And when it all came together those blocks are now pulled out daily along with more reading happening and more order after its all said and done.  Blocks have a designated home along with horses, dolls, sewing kits, and such.  I happily spend time in this space now.

And with that, have a happy Monday!

the sleepy time gal