new spaces / new year: kitchen


Good morning.  I'd like you to meet my favorite new hues of my otherwise unexciting kitchen.

These colorful jars have a place on my kitchen window sill, a place where glasses usually sit (Bobby's glass forgets about its place at the water station often), random buttons and other tiny objects, my herbs, and the likes.  It is a shame, too, because there is such beautiful light that floods that window during the day.  But now these beauties let that light shimmer through them.


I happened upon this tutorial recently and just sped through it to see how it all worked.  I ignored the part about needing it to be oil based paint and such.  I grabbed some of my favorite hues of craft paint and tried it.  It is such a fun project to paint jars!!!!


I squeezed some paint into the bottom of the glass jar and then just starting turning the jar to move the paint around the entire inside of the jar.  Nothing more complicated than that.  The access paint I pour back into the paint bottle or if there is very little remaining, let it completely dry inside the glass jar.

IMG_3554 IMG_3562

It is my absolute favorite activity staring at these colored jars now while I do my hand washing at the sink.  One jar (the far left) has been waiting to be repurpose into something special for a while.  (It was our lidded glass bowl to hold "frankincense" for our annual Christmas nativity play until the lid broke.)  I love the details and uniqueness of each jar now that the color emphasizes them, especially in some of my favorite colors.


My herbs (95% parsley--have no clue where the other herbs disappeared!) are the one thing that I've loved that sits on my sill.  I was a little excited to find a way to incorporate another of my favorite colors - orange - into my kitchen.

 In steps Martha Stewart...


Have you seen these really cool adhesive stencils?  I used her alphabet in typewriter font for my pretty little herb pot.  They are incredible stencils because they can be used on glass, ceramic, wood, plastic-- you name it-- and can be used over and over again.  (She also sells multi-surface paints to use with them on glass and such so that it sticks.)

I stenciled "grow" on my herb pot with them.


With a little washi tape garland, I have a happy little sill for the first time.


Because I have gray formica counters, white walls, and brown cabinets, I found a temporary happiness for my kitchen walls: my photos hung with washi tape.  It is a quite simple solution but adds warmth and color and unity now.


And there is a little peek into a plain-jane kitchen with a little love added.

New Spaces / New Year will return tomorrow!

the sleepy time gal