new spaces / new year: a baking station


We don't buy bread.  And for that reason, I am supposed to be on top of things in terms of baking our daily bread, rolls, etc.  This is definitely a weakness lately-- just ask my family.  They know those days well by eating crackers with their lunch.  I'm pretty tired of it, too.  You see, if the morning goes by without the ingredients getting themselves into the bread machine by 8:30: no loaf.  If the morning goes by and it is 10am: nothing on the dough cycle.  So the morning-timing dictates our eating bread.  ( I could do the delay cycle at night, but am usually too tired to even think about bread at night.)

For months I've talked Bobby's ear off about creating a "baking station" in the kitchen.  A corner where everything always sits, waiting to be used to make a loaf: the bread machine, bread book, measuring cups, and measuring spoons.  The mornings when I am grumbling under my breath, hurriedly gathering ingredients and searching all the drawers for measuring cups and more salt, I'm thinking of how easy life would be with a baking station.


I finally moved hundreds of cookbooks off this counter and began with a clean slate.

I keep some of my most needed ingredients - that keep me traveling all around the kitchen - in magnetic tins right on the side of the refrigerator.  Things that are needed in small quantity,  like salt, sugar, and such.   So convenient now!


And some things that make me happy: our seashell clothespin to hold recipes, ciabatta on the wall, and our kefir jar waiting for me to start the growth.

It is so much more inviting to bake (with all of the measuring cups and spoons out) and make bread.  I slap anyone's hand that tries to put mail or keys or anything of the sort on this counter.  (Not really, but I wouldn't mind standing guard all day.)


I'm happy to report there is more bread around here.  There was a garlic loaf the other day we had for sandwiches and then pizza boats the next lunch.  I think everyone is happy again.


More on baking bread:

We love our bread machine.  It was one of the best family investments.  You can read more about it and our favorite bread machine book here.

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