new and old things


I love printmaking.  One of the best reasons is that I can create an image and print it over and over again.  So my sister-in-law received one and I hung one.    All the corner needs now is an umbrella holder for rainy days.


Here is a recently acquired embroidered piece, hung for little Annabelle.  It came from a great aunt's mother-in-law.  I wonder why she embroidered it, how she used it (lap blanket maybe), and how the fabric aged so beautifully.  Something so old and worn hung by someone so new and fresh to the world--I love it.

IMG_6859 IMG_6851

I love the details in the flowers and really I loved seeing a subtle mistake on the trim.  It means a distant relative is more like me than I thought.  It means that they were probably busy with children, meals, nurturing, and cleaning like me.  And yet, still felt compelled to create.


And new for me--old linens from my Granny's cedar chest that I hope to use some way special so they don't sit neatly folder in a drawer somewhere, never enjoyed.

How about you?  Anything old you're repurposed or something new you now treasure in your home?

the sleepy time gal