I have a few random notebooks scattered around my house.  They hold my precious lists.  If there was one thing I could do all day, it would be to add to, cross off, and plan accomplishing things on my lists.

Now that we're in the home stretch of this baby really coming, the lists are even more magical.  Let's see, there is the to sew before baby list,  fabrics I need list, needs for baby list,  house projects to finish before baby list, big girls' birthday ideas list, and even the Christmas gift idea list just because.

One of the most important lists right now is the what to resolve before baby list.  Yes, this is a serious list right now.  Do we put both twins in toddler beds?   Do we put them in a room together?  Do we prepare a room for the baby for naps and more space?  Do we squeeze a rocking chair in our bedroom?  Do we compromise on the twins' naps for them to share a room and free up a room?

That list goes on.  While we lay out the pros and cons, the baby continues to grow and kick and tell me quite regularly that decisions must be made before he makes his appearance.

And with all of the big decisions, the nesting grows.  I love the instinctive nesting that grows alongside the fetus.  Even with other children running around and demanding my time and attention, that nesting instinct redirects thoughts, preparation, and anticipation to the one that will soon demand the most attention.

Yesterday, while the four girls were at Grandma's and the whole house was quiet, I stood at the doorway of each bedroom, including mine, and just pondered, dreamed, and wondered what life will be like in two months.  Although we're simply adding one child to the chaos, at the moment, all I felt was real joy and peace.

Have a nice weekend.

the sleepy time gal