nature journal tutorial


We've had these nature journals sitting in a stack on our living room shelf for over a month.  We've had great plans for them (and began using them yesterday!) for exploring and journaling about nature.  More on the exploring later, but for now I'm excited to show you how to make some simple nature journals for each member in your family.

I wanted the journals to be simple and beautiful--resembling nature in some way.

nature journals

You'll need:

some bare books or other hardbound sketchbook

wool felt

glue stick

craft scissors

black pen/permanent marker

1.  With your marker, trace some leaves or pinecones onto the wool felt.  You can really trace any shape in nature.  I looked at some leaves and pinecones in a nature book to get the shape I wanted.

2. Cut out the nature shapes.  Try to cut out slits of felt incorporated in your design to see some of the white sketchbook coming through.

3.  With your glue stick, glue the back of the felt nature shape.

4.  Position your nature shape onto the front of the blank sketchbook.

5.  Add as many or as little nature shapes as you wish to create the perfect nature journal cover.

I liked keeping our journals minimal.  You'll be amazed at how beautiful the cut felt is up close.

These journals are mine and the big girls journals.  I made something simpler for the twins--more on that later.  Tomorrow I'll share what we take with us to explore nature with our journals.  You'll love it.

the sleepy time gal