my very own corner

5409782282_f360328fd2_b First off, my disclaimer: there are more photos than necessary, so just bare with my enthusiasm, will you?  Second, before I take you any further, let me just shout, "Woo-hoo!" for today, the 500th post on The Sleepy Time Gal!  Ok, now I'm ready...


Can I just start with this chair?  I have to admit, all of the other parts of this project had taken center stage until Monday.  Monday when I painted this chair in the freezing cold in my front yard.  Tuesday when I covered it with my new fabric.  And now, the chair is all of a sudden the coolest thing I've laid eyes on.  (Bobby's analysis: "It is loud.  It fits you.")

And here it is, my own space.  My own corner, right in my bedroom.  I think I'll just keep it cleared off and perfect in protest to all of the other cluttered corners (and countertops) in my house.

IMG_0120 IMG_0104

Like I reminded Bobby at least fifteen times, the only expenses were the fabric to cover the canvas (recycled, of course) for a bulletin board, fabric to cover the chair, and this beautiful thing.  I absolutely love this calendar.


One of the most memorable parts of "creating" this personal space was my assistant interior designer, Caroline.  "No, Mom, the flower should go here!"  "Don't put your binder in the picture!" "Have you screwed the seat in yet?"  As you can see, things shifted from one place to another even throughout our little photo shoot.


I caught her contemplating adding more detail to the chair.  I wonder where she gets that from...

IMG_0271 IMG_0180

I looked high and low for found objects to add something aesthetic to my desk: empty jars from this summer's yard saling.  I dropped ribbon in those.  Done. IMG_0112

A frame with one of my favorite pieces of artwork from my little artist (also Caroline), button flowers that follow me wherever I need something beautiful, and a bucket to hold notecards and stamps.

Ahhhhh... so when will I actually sit here uninterrupted?