my japan

yamada cho shelter2

Somewhere between taking deep cleansing breaths yesterday and desperately trying to feel on top of my day, I thought of Japan.

Iwate, Yamada-cho3

I thought of everything that is undone and still not back to normal for so many people there.  I thought of these photos from Mr. Oikawa, our contact in Sendai.  I decided to shut off my mind for a while of my struggles.

Here, in all these photos was my Japan.  Our Japan.  The Japan that we, through this simple space on the internet, have come to love and pray over, as if our own child lived there.

iwate, yamada-cho2




Mr. Oikawa recently visited Yamada-cho, Iwate, with some of our boxes last week.  These are the photos of the town and the shelter.

Be I Project package

Seeing this heart that one of you sent in your box made me so happy to see.  Japan still needs us, still needs the strength we can give.


I recently hung my beautiful gift from my Japanese friend, Eriko, that was a thank you for the Japan project.  It hangs eye level to me every morning I wake.  It brings me perspective and hope. It brings the ability of my seeing beyond myself to others... I need Japan on my mind more often.