mother's day giveaway

In honor of Mother's Day, I wanted to celebrate women and all they do for the world.  IMG_3165

For this weekend's giveaway, I'm giving away a travel size version of my writing box, packaged with two sets of blank notecards.  There are six notecards of leeks I photographed and 6 notecards of persimmons, with accompanying envelopes, inside plastic sleeves. IMG_3142 IMG_3127 IMG_3147

Simply leave a comment to enter into the giveaway. 

If you want an extra entry, leave a piece of advice of something that works well in your mothering or in your experience observing others. 

The giveaway ends Sunday night, 12pm. 

Hope you all have a special weekend--I'm still amazed that I'm without children, (but with my sister's) in the magical world of New York City.  Much to share next week!

the sleepy time gal