mother to mother

IMG_5391 I recently introduced my girls to my mother's sausage biscuit recipe.  I like that we did it so close to Mother's Day.


While we made the biscuits, put our hands in the dough to break up the cold butter pieces, rolled out the dough, sprinkled raw sausage over the dough...


Rolled up the dough as a log, froze until morning, then sliced and baked...


It brought back a flood of memories.  Mom baking these on early mornings before school, mom making sure everyone had some before everyone took seconds, and mom bringing something special to the table over and over again.


Yesterday morning, as my children celebrated me, I couldn't help but feel the powerful connection from one generation to another: my mother to me to my children.  I want the connection to continue on through my daughters some day, through the baking, the making, the nurturing, the silliness, and memories.

I hope you had a special Mother's Day.