more satisfied

IMG_0074 I am so much more fulfilled when I have a plan for my day, my life.  Thankfully, my organizing papers (weekly tasks, sewing projects, inspiration, menu...) are back and bringing me great clarity.  I realize that any person really can stretch themselves and someday, obtain great things, if only through careful planning.

There is so much I want for my life.  So much I want right now.  When I sit down and write down everything I want, I choose what is the most important.  And, hopefully, my days will reflect that.


Isn't it a delicate balance?  The planning vs. the spontaneity?  And that will be my challenge throughout life: living in the moment while planning the moment.  I see my girls needing both.  The structure gives them rhythm in their day, and the spontaneity brightens their day.

What I use that works for our days (for the moment):

  • Weekly Tasks: one-time tasks that I want (make a baby gift for a friend) or need (pay my paper bills) to do that week.
  • Weekly Schedule: The week hour by hour.  Before the week begins, I plug in all of the set activities.  Then I can fill in the "weekly tasks" items into the week along with playdates, trips, projects for me, etc.

(See more organizing papers I use along with these here.) IMG_0147

I've reintroduced "room time" now that one more child is awake in the afternoon.  That means I get special time with the other child (which both parties are enjoying).  I keep learning over and over again that a little planning always resolves the newness of changes in our family.  Thank goodness.

Now, there is something that has taken some planning that I am quite satisfied with.  The chair below is a little sneak peek.  Something that has been on the project list for some time just for the mama....  Come see tomorrow!