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Japan Quilts 2 A quilter's guild in Chicago had a quilting party this weekend from 6-midnight to quilt, quilt, quilt!  They made 10 beautiful quilts to send to Ishinomaki.  Thank you!


And you all keep stuffing those boxes.  Thank you, Made by Bedtime Tales for sharing! Picture 28

Made by Bedtime Tales also made tags you can download and print just for the "boxes to Japan" project.  See here to download.  (Enlarge and print.)



Here is another incredible spread going to Japan from Jennifer in New Jersey.  Her kids look so happy to help!


Thank you to Misty for creating this button to spread the word on your own blog.  Feel free to grab it on the sidebar.


And thank you to many of you that have updated me on your boxes being shipped.  Many of you have shared your experience through your blogs, I have loved it!  I just heard from Sachiko, the school teacher in Ishinomaki that is our contact there.  She wrote:

Thanks for everything you done for us this time..... Arigatou!

When we had earthquake we thought it is one that we will going to have big earthquake! But it was bigger than we thought! And after Tsunami everything is just gone..... house, cars, family, lovers...... but me.... I'm living in country side and my family and my boyfriend are all OK. But my best friends she lost home and other friends home is still standing but 1st floor got hurt by tsunami and they can't stay there... (She lost her car too. )


I just want to say thank you for all over the world who support us in Miyagi.

Boxes are going to correct those who need its support.

Here are still people who don't have power and water and phoneline...

Well, Thanks again and have a wonderful day!!!!!!




(She promises to send photos as the boxes start coming in!!!)


As I continue to have more people interested in sending boxes and giving me updates I will update you as necessary.  Tomorrow I will be back to my regular blogging in this space.



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