moments of the day

IMG_4702_2 Interestingly, when life is exceptionally busy, there are still those slow, constants throughout the day that bring your feet back to earth.  Scrambled eggs and toast around the breakfast table, folding and stacking 6 different piles of laundry while children jump on the bed, watching all of my little girls share space in the bathtub together, connecting with my husband through Face Time at night...


My children's needs, thankfully, force me to slow down daily--the books brought to me throughout the day intended to be read that second--and other immediate demands.  I may not always be willing to stop whatever I may be doing, but in those moments, my children are offering me a chance to step away and enter their world of play and discovery.   How they soak up life is so fascinating to me.

Here's to a day of grabbing those moments when your children offer them and running with them.