Milk Inequality



Tension is rising: these babes are so close to being ours and yet a long week and weekend await until everyone is home from the hospital.

Update: the girls' cribs were put side by side today. That doesn't mean anything, progression wise, but a lot to a Mommy who gets to see her girls together, in theory.

Also, this is day two of Annabelle taking priority of "Mommy's milk" due to her possible allergy to the fortifying formula. That means poor Ainsleigh is stuck with 100% formula (which she doesn't particularly care for) unless her sister leaves some for her. Awww.... the pain! Yes, it has taken a while for me to just get over the injustice to innocent Ainsleigh. That means Bobby can count on more milk runs to the hospital at 5:30 in the morning.