a mermaid party




{my shy, little mermaid}


{all ready for friends to come!}


{the beautiful sign my mother-in-law painted to welcome the mermaids around back}


{our little fishnet party favors: a collection of seashells, homemade shell crayons, and chocolate shells}


{Johanna's request of an ice cream bar, and, served by Daddy and sisters!}

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{The mermaid cupcakes.  Ahh... I was so excited about them.  More on them later.}

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{a gift of a mermaid tail--how fun! }


{Does the drift wood look familiar from the last party??}




{I totally thought everyone would eat the cupcake and save the cookie--the girls went right for the mermaid cookie first!  Definitely the sweetest party we've thrown.}


{I loved watching Johanna in her mermaid tail I made her.  I wasn't anything special (a seam up the back and such) but she really loves playing the part}


{my sweet Johanna--while everyone splashed and swam, she was often found outside of the pool.  here she is flipping through her new civil war book.}


{this is brown sugar.  the washed up bottles are in sand.  not to be confused.}



A special party, indeed.


It was so fun putting together an elegant mermaid celebration with simple details of shells, aqua and green, and rough and smooth textures.  I think my Johanna was happy--in her quiet way--she felt special to have the attention for the afternoon.  I loved watching her and capturing it (while playing hostess which always is tricky!) as she and her friends and sisters ate, played, and she opened presents.

And I had my Bobby there.  He helped where ever I needed him and was just there.  These celebrations matter so much more when the whole family is there.  My mermaid cookies-- which were quite time consuming to make--were the pretty and vintage mermaid centerpiece I was hoping they'd be atop of neutral colored cupcakes.  I love when there are some things that go just as planned.


And, thankfully, the sun did make an appearance by the end of the party.  It was a special afternoon.  Thanks for all of your excitement and encouragement.  I wish I could send you all a leftover cupcake!


the sleepy time gal