mermaid invitations



Coming up with Johanna's mermaid birthday party invitation was an enjoyable challenge.  How would I use the mermaid image she wanted, a pearl in an oyster like we both wanted, and make it pretty and not cheesy?

Here's my approach to a little girl's mermaid party invitation with subdued tones and pretty 3D packaging sure to excite fellow mermaids to join the little mermaid Johanna to celebrate...



mermaid invitations

silvery cardstock

glue stick

white craft glue (Elmers)

glue gun


pearl beads

parchment paper or white tissue paper


Cut out your own oyster template.  This is what I came up with above.  I just traced my version of an oyster shape on folded card stock and then cut through both layers so that it is identical on both sides.  Fold the crease of your oyster with a boning tool or really well with a finger nail.


Cut a slit up the middle, about halfway up the oyster.


Working one side of the oyster at a time, fold one side of the cut slit over the other side.  Now with your glue stick, glue it into place and hold for a few seconds until adhered.


Repeat with the other side of the oyster.


Now with your parchment or tissue paper, cut into 4 x 6 pieces, one cut piece per invitation.  Let the kids crumble each piece up really tight to create lots of creases and wrinkles.  Then have them open up slightly.

With the white craft glue, glue a line around the parameter of one of the insides of the oyster.  Carefully place the somewhat crumbled-somewhat opened parchment paper down on the glue.  You can adjust the paper to create the best look while the glue is still wet.  Press around the parameter for a few seconds until adhered.


With the hot glue gun, glue a pearl bead onto the center of the parchment paper on the oyster.


Aren't they beautiful oysters?


For the invitation itself, we used a vintage mermaid illustration I found online that Johanna loved.  I simply printed it, cut it to fit into the oyster, and wrote the party details by hand.  Then I used rubber cement (or you could use white glue) to adhere the edges to the inside of the oyster.  When they were completed, I just used a piece of scotch tape to close the oyster.

And there you have it: a collection of oysters ready to be handed out to little friends.



I like how they turned out.  They have been getting me excited about subdued tones and little details for her party like gathering our shells from around the house and such.

What are your mermaid ideas?

the sleepy time gal