medieval magic


Thanks for all of the wonderful advice about baby wraps and carriers over the past few days!  I'm so grateful to have some direction.

{beginning the plans for a medieval feast in the backyard}

{the truly magical night at Medieval Times}

{painting and creating coats of arms with little friends}

{their beautiful coats of arms will all be displayed as decoration for our feast.  bonus.}

{the medieval maiden herself}

{the beautiful dress her grandmother made her to fit the role}

{and the enchanted fairy}

I love watching real learning turn the wheels in my children's heads.  Through books and stories, pictures and discussions, projects and experiences, they absorb and absorb and connect ideas until it is all clear to their particular understanding of the world.  Last night I heard Caroline describe the code of chivalry to her daddy.  The girls love the heroines of Joan of Arc and Christine de Pizan.  And they daily request me to play medieval music through random youtube videos while they dance, dreaming of living in some far off lands.

The context of the middle ages is so real to them.  I don't know of any more exciting magic.  

The medieval feast will come at the right time for us to prepare now and enjoy before October is upon us.  Of course, I have to kindly turn down some of my girls' grandiose ideas for the medieval entertainment.  (Acrobats, puppet shows, and such.)  We'll keep it manageable and doable if I have anything to do with it.  :) But it will be strictly medieval, I can assure you of that.

the sleepy time gal