matching doll clothing

IMG_9477 I've longed for the return of sewing with these cold months that keep us home bound.  I started some winter skirts that weren't finished in time for Christmas that have been on my mind.  Penguin corduroy that I bought in high school.  I can't imagine what in the world I was going to make to wear with it, but I've been holding on to it for a while.


I have a few simple sewing projects that I attempt when all four girls are playing around me in the playroom.  The project has to be simple enough that interruptions won't totally affect the final product.  And this skirt is one of those.

IMG_9485 IMG_9545

Caroline had the idea of creating a whole wardrobe for her bear that matched her own.  I keep reminding Caroline that these things take time, so she gladly went along with the skirt idea for the first item.  Her list includes pants, shirts, a dress, a hat, and so forth.  Which, of course, means Caroline needs the same to be added to her wardrobe.  Oh, and matching sets for Johanna and her baby doll, too.

Ah...Five year-old girls.

IMG_9483 IMG_9580

Today we'll be in the kitchen baking, waiting for the snowstorm to settle in.  The regular standby, granola, is on the list today with something I'm really excited to try for this week's snack, a fruit bar.  If we love it, you'll see it tomorrow.  (If we don't, we'll pretend it never happened.)

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