Making a Come Back: Corn

Here's a simple after school snack. And from what people are saying, get the yellow corn over white. Although corn started out white thousands of years ago, after a genetic mutation which turned the corn yellow, it also acquired a chemical called carotenoids. This chemical is now found to have high levels of vitamin A. (

Your kids will be pleased that they can eat popcorn over carrots now to improve their sight!

It is simple:

Pop your popcorn. I prefer using the Whirley Popper because it is so easy to use. Once your stove top is hot, put oil and corn in and crank the handle. You really get perfect popcorn every time.

Then experiment with toppings. I like to shave parmesan cheese on the popcorn while it is hot. Fresh parmesan is salty and pungent enough to hold its own without adding much more.

And the great part, it takes 5 minutes to make. What is your favorite popcorn topping?