making a baby gift box


It seems ironic that everyone I know of who is pregnant is expecting a girl.  And I'm not.

So the idea of creating a gift for a friend's baby girl is familiar and exciting to me.   Here is a special baby gift box that satisfies that mothering-a-baby-girl side of me...

Customize your baby gift box based on what you love to make.  Be creative!  Maybe you love sewing or knitting and would pack a few homemade bibs or booties.  Or maybe you love baking and organization and could give some dry muffin or cookie mix in ziplocks with recipes for the busy mom.  Use your talents to create a unique gift for baby or mama.  Those are the really special gifts that use your skills.

Here's what I put into this baby girl gift box:

making a baby gift box


Making baby gift boxes are so much fun because of the details.  I chose to use a lavender theme for the gift box.  I used pinking shear to cut a thin strip of lavender floral fabric to tie around the neck of the air freshener.  Then I cut a piece of purple wool felt into a circle, glued a piece of cardstock onto it with a few gray felt rain drops, and there-- a pretty graphic-labeled bottle that sets the theme for the box.

  • Something for mama-- my floral (and lavender!) homemade notecards I keep on hand.

 Notecards and their envelopes slide into a clear sleeve for writing thank you's when the time is right for the busy mom.

  •  A custom label/tag to identify each gift of the gift box.  I used a strip of the floral fabric laced through the top of the tag to incorporate the theme yet again.

  •  A reused gift box with shredded paper.  This is the exciting part--arranging all of the little gifts to your liking!

  • Secure the box with the same fabric, this time, tied in a large knot as the grand closure.  I threw a hydrangea in because I had one in a vase.  Beautify the box with whatever you have on hand.

I love giving these kind of gifts.  I love the process of making and putting it together as much as giving to a friend, knowing that time and thought was put into each part of it.


Here are other baby gifts I love giving:

How would you fill a baby gift box based on your talents/skills?  I'd love your hear your ideas based on your individuality! 

 the sleepy time gal