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  • paper plate clocks for math night (more on our math nights later)
  • clay cell phones, clay Egyptian tombs, and clay fish for water-filled jars as fish tanks
  • tortillas, bread, or crackers once a week for some lunches and dinners (I doubled these tortillas recently.  Last night we had them loaded for beef tacos and guacamole--my favorite!--and enjoyed the tortillas for chicken, sauteed peppers/onions, and cheese quesadillas last week for dinner.)
  • some pretty embroidered projects with my favorite colors of embroidery floss and remembering how to do french knots again through a lot of frustration ;)
  • miniature clothes--evening gowns and casual dresses--the girls are making for their 3 inch tall toy bunnies' "closet"
  • crocheted rows--little by little--as I learn this new art  (A bit intimidating for sure.)


What are you and yours making?

the sleepy time gal