for the love of writing: a child's postcard set



Hello Friday.  Hello friends.  I've missed you.

I'm back to life and laundry and posts, thankfully.  It feels good.  Thank you for all of your thoughtful concerns for me and my family.

I thought today would be a perfect day to share a project I've been so excited to share... ever since Christmas.  These functional, inspiring, and cute postcard sets were the gift I came up with for all of the nieces and nephews (and my kids) for Christmas.

Two things I love about a child's postcard set:

  1. The postcards (blank on one side, the other side ready for an address and short message) let kids paint, draw, fingerp aint, watercolor, crayon--whatever they'd like--on the traditional "picture" side of the post card.  The options are endless!  Kids love to draw scenes from a special trip to send to distant friends.
  2. The special fabric envelope.  It is a place to keep blank postcards, stamps, and a pen for trips to the beach, trips with the family, keeping everything you'll need all together in one place, and keeping it all exciting.


A child's postcard set is a great way to inspire writing, pen pal-ing, keeping in touch with long distance family, and giving kids the autonomy to do it confidently on their own.

Feel free to include a list of long distance friends and family's addresses in the postcard set as well.  One more detail they child can do on their own.


homemade postcard set

for one fabric postcard "envelope":


20 x 6 piece of canvas, with or without added cotton fabric strip (You can use plain canvas, quilted fabric, whatever you'd like as long as the total piece equals 20 x 6.)

contrasting cotton thread

large button

hot glue gun (optional)

no-sew adhesive velcro

fine tipped Sharpie


for the complete postcard set:


homemade fabric "envelope" (directions below)

white cardstock, cut 5 x 7 (with address lines on one side, blank on the other)

book of stamps



*There is a 1/2 inch seam allowance for this project.


 (This tutorial begins with the 20 x 6 fabric piece that will be sewn into the envelope.  Add your contrasting fabric, if you wish, before you begin the tutorial.)

With the wrong side of your canvas strip facing you, roll the bottom edge of your canvas strip 1/2 inch under and press.  Roll the edge once more (1/2 inch) and press.  Stitch.



With the wrong side of your fabric facing you, fold the bottom (where you just stitched) up 7 inches to create the pocket of the envelope.


With your sewing machine set to a zip zag stitch and starting at the bottom of the pocket, stitch along one side of the pocket up to the top.  Before repeating stitching on the other side, make sure your cardstock postcards will fit inside the envelope with the second side's stitch in mind.

Now stitch along the other side.  Once you've stitched both sides, use pinking shears to trim both sides of the envelope.


While the inside of the envelope facing you, pinch the long end as seen above.  Pin it.  With a straight stitch, sew along the end.  Trim.


Now turn the envelope over to the front.  Flip the triangular top inside out.  Press.


Line up and secure your no-sew adhesive velcro to the envelope, one side on the inside of the top flap, the other on the envelope pouch.  Either hand sew or hot glue the big button on the outside of the envelope's flap for easy opening.


Decorate the envelope with a fine tipped Sharpie if you want the envelope to look like an authentic parcel.  (Just look at a piece of mail to give you ideas.)


 {I used Alexander Henry's My World, My Smiles fabric as contrast.  I love its whimsical nature.}

Fill your finished fabric envelope with a book of stamps (or not if you're making a ton of sets) and blank postcards.  You're done!


These are really fun gifts for young children who are beginning to enjoy drawing/painting/writing all the way up to teenagers who have pen pals and friends that live far away.  I'd love to hear what you think!


Happy weekend and I'll be back in March. :)

the sleepy time gal