little treats

IMG_6058 One of life's simple pleasures growing up was when mom would take leftover frosting and ice a graham cracker and top it with another graham cracker.

I was reminded of this when the bowl of peanut butter frosting Bobby made for a birthday cake sat untouched in the fridge.  We were off to the store for a list of random things like sprinkles for the twin's birthday cakes when, to the girls utmost j0y, I picked up a box of Nilla wafers and promised them a little treat with dinner.

With this being one of the months of heavy travel for Bobby, little special things help me get through a stream of days as a single parent.  This was one of them - a little Nilla sandwich.

little Nilla sandwiches



Take whatever leftover frosting or icing you have on hand and spread a little on a Nilla wafer.  Top it with another wafer. IMG_6066

Roll in sprinkles. IMG_6069

I used to love it as a child when you take that first bite and the icing oozes out of the sides.  This created a bit of a dilemma for the twins, but the big girls happily ate their way around the icing first.

Today I'm getting my Caroline ready for her spring choir concert that I'll sadly be missing. I promised her I'd make her something special to enjoy with her sisters and Daddy for after the concert, in memory of me.  I'll be at a conference all weekend.  Mixed feelings, of course.  Time for myself and yet, my husband is actually home.

There's always Sunday to catch up, I assume.


How is your April weekend looking?


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