life is good


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 {Burp cloth for baby.  Hair tie for big sister.  German Chamomile powder for baby. }

I'm super excited that I will be beginning to give a little tour of my "new place" very soon.  One week left of my goal to have completely "tidied" my main level and upstairs before the big bridal shower here.

Room by room I'm beginning to enjoy real living again.  Yesterday I sat down briefly to sew a few things for a friend's baby shower last night.  Yes, I've sewn a little in this room since it went from "art room" to "art/sewing room" but since then I've sat for an hour and gone through the enormous box of special art and special stories my kids have written that I've been holding onto.  One by one I sat and decided what few things I would keep for each of them.  I know that what is more important than keeping bins of my kids art for years is the process, the experience, they had in the creative process.

80% of the pieces were recycled.  I'm sure that paper, once recycled, will return to our home for many more hours of focus and creation.


 {One of my favorite girl fabrics and designers--for babies and older girls alike: Sarah Jane Fabrics}


In less than 24 hours my husband will return from being away for a week.  I always like to challenge myself with some big project when he's away.  Little does he know it but the entire kitchen will be completely tidied before he returns.

That means I've already loaded the garage--our donation docking station--with many dishes, kitchen gadgets, and even small appliances I know he'll never miss...hopefully.  ;)


I am leaving him with the huge spice cupboard.  That'll be his baby.


Today is the last day of my girls' intense 5 week ballet program.  After their incredible hard work and yes, my incredible hard work with the house these past 5 weeks, we are super excited about having a special night out for ice cream.  We all have known since breakfast what flavors we'll choose and boy, are we ready!

Life.  Is.  Good.  

Life is so busy and I'm learning so many lessons.  Things are about to slow down a bit but I can't wait for what August will bring.  New plans and goals.  A major shift in how our days look.  And new experiences await.

Life is so very, very good.


Happy weekend to you friends.


the sleepy time gal