letting go... and learning



{Johanna painting letters in a book}


{spring-time stew, added to daily}



{Bobby's yogurt, served on a tray, to celebrate bare legs and bare feet day}


{Rose the Ballerina, a collection of stories written by Caroline}


{blue flax wildflowers Annabelle discovered and documented}


{matching insects--this was definitely a millipede and not a centipede}


{Caroline researching what millipedes eat so she can make her millipedes a home}

These are a few captured moments from a few morning hours.  If you stop and watch, life will fascinate and inspire us for a lifetime.  It is learning to trust that innate curiosity and be moved by it that inspires real learning for young and old.

One of my most important roles as a mother is to be a facilitator.  I am there to give my children the tools they need to be moved by their curiosities.  I watch and observe them and then facilitate to help them find the answers--maybe in books, online, in a field with binoculars, with a notebook and pen, or by meeting with an expert-- my job is in the facilitating and letting them unearth the answers.

It literally took me years to trust in children's genuine, deepest desire: to learn and discover.  Once I got over the mentality that learning could only take place with a teach hovering and a worksheet presented, I finally noticed the magical learning that had been taking place before my eyes in a more quiet and natural way.

And once I did let go of my fears of trusting my children in their own exploration of life, they flew.

And I've never looked back since.


Here are a few books that may help you "let go":

  • [amazon_link id="1475239068" target="_blank" ]Project Based Homeschooling: Mentoring Self Directed Learners[/amazon_link]
  • [amazon_link id="0968575455" target="_blank" ]The Unschooling Unmanual[/amazon_link]



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