let's talk: the family table


(I thought you'd like to see something in the "no one wanted to eat it"category, or at least most if it. It sure looked pretty.  If you're daring, try the recipe.)


The family table.

This is where we gather.  This is where generations have always gathered.

What are the traditions you have around the dinner table?

No matter if I was a block away at my best friend's house or inside my bedroom, I never was unaware of dinner time growing up.  Either Dad's whistle stopped you in your tracks or Mom shouting, "Dinnertime!" was heard loud and clear.  Everyone was expected at the dinner table.  And we all expected to be filled with good southern home cookin' and filled in other ways as well.

Sometimes dinner time was a place of loud laughter and stories of our day.

Sometimes it was a reverent place where people opened up and let us see inside the real them.

Sometimes it was a celebratory place, where candles were blown out, year after year, and announcements like the birth of my baby brother were announced.

Sometimes it was a place of learning, like when my father would teach us a new sign (ASL) every night at the table.  He even made a chart of our family's progress we kept on the wall.


The dinner table is where my big family slowed down and talked.  It is where my young little family now gathers, despite the noise and commotion during most meals.  There have been those moments, though, after a teaching moment or something totally silly that I have looked up at my husband with a mutual expression of, "Please don't let me forget this moment."  Everyone gathered around the table, talking, sharing, and thriving as one great whole.


What do you remember from your family table growing up?

What do you love about being around your family table now?


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