let's talk: strengths and weaknesses


It's pretty simple.  There are things we do well and other things, not so well.  Can I tell you how reassuring it is to hear from another mother that they struggle with the same things I do from time to time?  I mean really, it makes me feel like a heavy burden has been lifted, even though nothing has changed with my struggle, I just don't feel so alone.


I've been going through one of those times when I need to feel less alone on my journey as a mother and more at peace with where I am. Today's Let's Talk discussion is plain and simple: I want you to really think about what you've got going for you (3 strengths) and what you haven't quite figured out or that is holding you back from your fullest potential (3 weaknesses).  Very rarely do we see how far we've come with ourselves to recognize our strengths.  And yet, when vocalizing our weaknesses it helps us see similarities which unites us as women and makes us feel like we're all on this earth to find greatness.


I'll start:


  1. Being creative with my kids.
  2. Being concerned for other people.
  3. Being passionate about making the most of my life.
  1. Not being confident in making decisions.
  2. Getting too wrapped up in the difficult moments of daily mothering to see that my children will grow up and grow up fast.
  3. Being impatient with myself (and my family) and hoping my kids don't pick it up.


Ahhhhhh... I feel better already.  How about you?  What are your 3 strengths and 3 weaknesses?