let's talk: blogging and reality


I just found a journal entry from 2009.  It was around the time that I discovered two blogs in particular that were quite inspiring and spectacular.  (Okay, if you're wondering, they were Soule Mama and Anna Maria Horner's blog.)

I would read their blogs and examine every inch of their beautiful photography and beautiful, flawless lives.  And then, I would walk away and step back into my not-so-flawless life, and stumble.


I wrote,

"As much as I love imagining these ladies' lives, I will never see the full picture.  Just as my friends and family see the positive events on my (then family) blog, Amanda Soule definitely doesn't show the everyday struggles consistently in her life, either.  She's human.  Their family has ups and downs, just like mine.  I need to remember that what I see that I like is just a portion--the positive portion--to her big picture.

I can't tell you how many big, successful blogs have a question in their Q and A section about "How do you do it all?"  Their answer is always that they don't do it all.  They have dirty dishes that sit so they can do something they want, they snap at the kids sometimes, and that they are human.

(Here's a great response to that question from Design Mom, mother of six.)



The bottom line is that we blog (generally) what is working for us, what we've discovered, and what makes us smile.  Because if I had to blog about my afternoon with four crying and whining girls yesterday, regularly, I probably would opt out of blogging.

This is the reality of blogging.  It is an outlet.  It is a place where we can celebrate the good in our day and in our lives.  What I see in blogs is only a portion of their reality.  There still are blogs where I have to constantly remind myself of that.  (Okay, but that totally overgrown garden above is the 100% reality to my garden right now.  I'm okay with that.)



So here's the question:

Do you struggle with reading certain blogs?  How have you overcome that?  And how do you blog?