let's talk


Today I am happy.

Yesterday I let some things roll off my back instead of expecting perfection.  Time in front of the computer watching Netflix cartoons with the girls, delaying dinner while kids ate dry cereal while avoiding dinner, sitting in the grass waiting for Daddy to pull up instead of routinely brushing teeth, getting PJs, and rushing little ones to bed by a certain time...

I am trying to enjoy life trying my best in the moment instead of obsessing over perfection.


With that, I am happy to announce a new series of posts to the Sleepy Time Gal, Let's Talk-- a collection of topics that greatly affect you and me and how we perceive reality and the power to become.  I loved the comments and reaction from you about perfectionism last week.  And I can't stop getting the many conversations I've had with women over the years about similar topics out of my head.  We need to all talk.

I will introduce a needed topic in the Let's Talk series and it will be your voices that continue the discussion, through your comments.  There is strength in numbers and your voice only strengthens others, as well as mine.  I want so badly for this series to help us stop and reevaluate how we think and act, why we do what we do, and how to find genuine satisfaction in our many roles in life.


Starting next week the first of the series will be posted.  I've seen the power of the internet as literally hundreds of you have come together in this space, from all around the world, to send boxes to Japan.  Now I want to use that same force for good, to encourage real discussion, real solutions, ideas, and support over the topics that are real in our lives.

I've only ever wanted this blog to be something empowering and hopefully inspiring.  This is an exciting addition.


See you tomorrow for Projects Revisited!


the sleepy time gal