let them eat macaroons


Here we are this morning just waiting for Hurricane Sandy to hit us here in central Pennsylvania.

Yesterday I was wishing I had more eggs on hand until I realized they'd be of no use if we lose power.  I'm optimistically looking forward to a few days without ballet practice and being shut indoors with kettle corn and board games, maybe by candlelight.

On another note,  I have something to share.  You remember the beautiful felt food my girls have played with for years in their play kitchen and restaurant?  My dear sister in law, Ayumi, creates and makes all of their play food.

Amazingly, she does it all by hand, without a pattern.  From time to time, she surprises my girls with a new "meal" to add to their menu.  Recently when she and my brother visited with a real meal for our family after Rowan was born (free meals after a newborn is one of the best perks to having a baby!), the girls were thrilled to be given new, exciting food.

Isn't it all beautiful??  French macaroons, popsicles, a grilled sandwich--potato chips--apple--lunch...

Potstickers (even browned on the outside somehow), shrimp lo mein, and egg rolls.

The new food has been carted all around the house (and outside) for play picnics, feeding baby dolls, fairy parties and the likes.

I was happy to show the girls how realistic their aunt's french macaroons look after letting them try one themselves from the local chocolate cafe here in Carlisle.

And little Rowan now has the cutest little Japanese outfit from his Aunt Ayumi.  A quilted outfit at that!

There is something so exciting about baby clothes from anywhere other than your own country.  They are so unique, the patterns are different, and so is the style.

Now I'm off to find the extra candles and make sure I know where the non-electric can opener is. I hope you north easterners are safe and prepared this week.

the sleepy time gal