let the christmas music begin!

IMG_7929 How was your long weekend? Did you travel?  Was it just your own family celebrating Thanksgiving at home?


Our weekend was just the break we all have been needing.  Time to read some books that have been on the back burner and time to see nieces and nephews from out of town.

On Thanksgiving morning my sister-in-law and I created our own version of Martha's pilgrim hats.  "Our own version" simply meant my printer wasn't working (still) and so we cut, folded, and added ribbon wherever we felt like it.  We were all pretty happy with how they turned out.

Most of Bobby's family was together this Thanksgiving.  It was unbelievable to see how much the family had changed from a year previous.  At the Thanksgiving table there were 3 high chairs and an exclusive children's table with 3 excited little girls.


Over the weekend we found and chopped down our Christmas tree, the largest tree we've ever had, too!  It is literally taking up a quarter of the living room.  We'll definitely be needing more lights and ornaments.  (The girls and I are now voting on what to do for ornaments.)


And lastly, many Christmas decorations are scattered throughout the house by Miss Caroline.  I love watching her group certain things and then run back to me looking for the perfect garland for this grouping and something with bells for that.

And so, friends, December is upon us!  I hope you keep the Flickr group updated with your family's favorite Christmas cookies, special homemade gifts, and meaningful traditions.  I sincerely would love to see your family in preparation to Christmas.

the sleepy time gal