lessons from blue umbrellas

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What I did yesterday: (or Bobby's in Atlanta!)

  • sucked up water with a Shop Vac and kinda enjoyed it
  • involuntarily shut off my AC because of a basement leak (they really don't seem like they should correlate, do they?)
  • had three industrial fans put downstairs which scare the babies like crazy
  • relished the moment eating a Chick-fil-a sandwich, knowing I didn't need to make or clean up from dinner
  • four kids in a tub, four kids to bed, on my own again

The highlight from the day (beside the #1 combo at Chick-fil-a) was making something with the girls--for them and for me.  After a long week (already) we needed to do something with our hands and occupy our minds.  With some wonderful help from the same duo that did this with us, we finished the girls' birthday invitations.


It was a nice mixture of mommy's input and guidance and their decorating and gluing.  Each card Caroline wanted different.

What a great example she is of beauty being in the imperfect, the unique, not in perfect symmetry and perfect order.  It has taken some years to believe that.  It takes more faith to live that in my approach to creating (yes, like birthday invitations) and my outlook on life.


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