leaving by train

In a few days, I'll be taking the train to New York City.  This is a trip I've talked about for a while, a symbolic trip of my increased independence as a mother of young ones and my individuality as a woman, not only a mother. I'm visiting my sister.  It's a tradition that dates back to my high school days, coming by train to the big city alone, overwhelmed, excited, and wanting to understand the immensity of it all.   I would visit her throughout college, too, more mature, more adventurous, and yet, would still feel quite small among the towering buildings and bustling crowd.

And now a new phase with new anticipating.  This time around, though, I feel different, like motherhood has made me invincible. Like motherhood has made me ten times stronger.  Like motherhood proves I can do anything, face anything, or get through anything.  Because motherhood does that.  So I'm ready, extremely ready.

It will take some courage leaving all of the little people that are the reason I feel so invincible.

the sleepy time gal