learning french as a family



As I sit here this morning with little humming Ainsleigh on my lap, the snow is coming down outside my window.

Today will be a slow day.  A much needed slow day as life has seemed all too fast recently.   Last night's dishes await me in the kitchen and my back aches from a night of extra attention to a teething Rowan.   I'm thinking there will be hot chocolate, storybooks, dancing, and perhaps (hopefully), some sewing today while we're snowed in.  I'm really looking forward to no activities taking us away from home today.  :)

Today on a wonderful Parisian blog, The Paris Busy Bee blog,  I am a guest blogger sharing how our family is learning french together.   The creator of the blog, Maria Babin, is mother of a multicultural-trilingual family that live in Paris.  It is a fascinating collection of her experiences to read on her blog.

You can read my post of our family's journey learning french and how we've incorporated into our family life here on her blog today.  I loved putting our brief story together.  Hopefully you can use some of our ideas for learning any language with your family and with a variety of ages as well.  Enjoy!

the sleepy time gal