learning comes by trying

IMG_2527 It is amazing how in finding yourself doing the hard things, you discover incredible courage and strength deep down inside.  One hard thing I did this weekend was my last long run before my race this coming Saturday!  More on that another time.

The second hard thing was sitting down to sew with confidence.  Now sitting down to sew isn't the hard part.  But making uninterrupted time to focus on something new is.  There has been a growing list of things to sew for the girls.  You know, those things their fall wardrobe is lacking.  That means following a pattern to make pants for one, winter dresses for another.  Although I've followed patterns since I was 12, I have major issues with them now in my life.

Following a pattern means being able to sit down, read the pattern, cut out the pattern just so, reading the instructions again, sewing a bit, reading again... you get the picture.  So my sewing projects keep getting put off for me to have the perfect attention for them.



Finally this weekend I sat down to sew.  I put patterns aside, lists of what I should be doing aside, and just created.  I tried re-purposing, I tried my own version of leggings, some worked, some didn't, a matching kerchief, and this gray corduroy and knit top that started out as something totally different.

There is something I love about creating something all my own, following no particular rules.  Even if the shoulders are too wide and I have to try five different things to fix it.  I learned so much more having to resolve issues on my own, especially since I didn't have any little bodies to fit late at night.

I like to think of what my sister (the designer) has told me before.  You learn more by being the designer and resolving your own sewing stumbling blocks yourself because you see and decide how everything is put together.  I'd like to think that in some small way I am a designer of the Shiffler clothing line... just for a moment.

I'm in the process of working on a family collection of gray/turquoise clothing for a fall photo, a tradition I started last year.  (I am aware they are not exactly fall colors!)

I have a few more outfits to create and some how-to's from my re-purposing to show you this week, too.

I hope you learned something new this weekend and tried something new.  Please share, do!