last minute moments


{making wool felt balls in the cool weather}

Mondays always come a bit too soon for me.  Or maybe it is that I always over plan Mondays--from tidying from the weekend, to getting a loaf of bread in the bread machine, to starting the week right with things the girls have been asking to do--all supposedly before 10am or some ridiculous goal like that.    But the ridiculous goals drive me.  I rarely meet the goal but I get closer to it than if I hadn't planned anything at all.

Our days have been pretty packed and will continue to be such until the baby comes in October.  I wanted it that way.  I wanted to do as much with my four before things slow down (or get busier, which is it??) when he comes.  We've been out to soccer practice and ballet, book clubs and piano lessons, and an art class about to start.  Thankfully the homeschooling schedule gives us a lot more hours in our day for it all.  And on the home front we're planning the details for our upcoming medieval feast.  It is quite busy, at times overwhelming, but mostly satisfying for me while I enjoy the four before they are five.

It is a strange feeling anticipating a total life change (adding a new baby to the mix), although one you've experienced before, and having quite the gaggle of geese joining you in the journey.  I love seeing my children, especially the oldest, absolutely excited about a new sibling and friend about to be born.  Caroline has already made a bib and burp cloths, decorated with fabric marker, for her brother.

This particular season is interesting, exciting, and somewhat daunting for me right now.  Isn't that about how life is??

the sleepy time gal