Keeping it in the famiy

Bobby and I are excited to announce that we've successfully recruited one more Carlislian (native to Carlisle, PA, that is) to settle down here. Congratulations Brooke and Christina on getting the job at Dickinson College! That means free piano lessons for Caroline in the near future, right Christina? (By the way, this is a photo of an embarrassed Brooke being sung "Happy New Job To You" with a warm Sundae to top it off.)

Here's some of the Shiffler clan celebrating at, what Bobby affectionately calls, the "Barrel of Crack"--that's Cracker Barrel for the rest of you.

Isobel couldn't be any happier about the opportunity for financial growth for her future college fund.

Caroline and Johanna just want to get more matching clothes out of the deal.

And Johanna just can't help herself... "Just one more piece of mulch, Mom." She literally gets most of her fiber daily from sneaking mulch.

The happy parents: who wouldn't be? All of their children (except Allison in Russia on a mission) in one town.

And lastly, the excited wife--Christina. What can I say, Christina--more Gymboree trips, more of Massey's Ice Cream shop, and more lessons in my learning to cook vegetarian. Congrats!