johanna's wall


I'm happy to say that I've finally hung the twin's birthday garland.  It didn't make it into either of Ainsleigh or Annabelle's rooms, but ended up in the big girls' room.  There has been a blank wall there for some time.


The addition of the fabric garland and illustrated picture has really matured the decoration of their room.  (Not like I was trying to do that, but it just happened.)  The illustration is actually a 12 x 12 piece of scrapbook paper that I bought years ago just because I loved it.  It fit perfectly into this square frame.  Done.


And the fabric garland is so vibrant I wish I had one in every room of my house.  (If you want to make one, see here.)


Here are some pre-bedtime jumps on Johanna's bed.


Body slams.


Opera singing.


Finally Johanna gets her bed back in time to hear her bedtime story.


Happy Monday everyone!


the sleepy time gal