johanna's quilt


Good morning, Friday.  I'm so happy you've arrived.

Behold, Johanna's bedspread/quilt.  I'm thrilled to have it done, and now to be able to focus on leisurely sewing things we need for this kicking little boy.

I used a mustard store-bought bias tape for the binding.  So glad about that speedy choice as well.  I love how the mustard compliments all of the bubble gum colors of the quilt.

I used white for the backing.  It keeps it clean and simple after a super busy front.  I love the polka dot sheets from Target.  The best part of their sheets...

The matching drawstring bag they come in.  I turned it into a little tote for her ballet things for class.  I added fabric scraps from her quilt to the front and a little piece inside for her to write her name with a fabric marker.

I'm sad we cant get the foot board that I painted (along with the head board) to fit the bed.  Maybe it is better that way-- much less busy.  Caroline's big piece of art needs to be hung over her bed and now her sister wants to paint something on a canvas for over her bed.  So their room is still coming together, thankfully with the hardest part over.  :)

Despite my complaining, I'm really pleased with it.  I love the colors and patterns together and finally seeing them together on her bed.  The best part is seeing her wrapped up in it, warm and comfortable, in the middle of the night.

Enjoy your weekend!

the sleepy time gal